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Best Windows Treatment


What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments


When you want to install custom draperies of curtains in your home, there is more to consider than simply matching the fabric to the color of your interior d?cor. The shades or fabrics you choose can significantly affect how your room looks. The fabrics you select should set the mood in the room and complement the existing furniture. Researching is crucial to finding the right fabrics and styles.


You should look for draperies that will enhance the ambiance in your home, whether you will be getting advise from an interior designer or will be shopping on your own. The right treatments will also bring out a specific theme you would like. For example, you may want the window treatments to add elegance and class to a room. If you wish, you can also go for shades that soften the look of a room and make it comfortable. Whatever you want to achieve in your rooms, the right custom shades or draperies will not disappoint.


Major Styles of Custom Shades

The shades and curtains you install will set the mood of your room. This being the case, it is important to know what the room will be used for. This will help you know which drapery style to match it with. For example, you can choose draperies based on whether you want your rooms to look traditional, modern or ultra-sleek. Apart from this, custom window treatments by adding decorative borders of any size or shade.


Roman shades are among the most common Chicago window treatment options. The designs of the shades complement any d?cor and this is why they are popular. Whether you have large or small window openings, you can use the shades. Roman shades are available in three different styles: relaxed, cascading and flat.


For your room to have a relaxed feel, you should install relaxed Roman shades. Depending on the fabric you choose, the shades can give the room a charming, rustic, airy or romantic feeling. Relaxed shades can be installed in a breakfast nook, family room or studio.


You can also go for cascading Roman shades, depending on what you would like to accomplish with your rooms. You can easily identify cascading shades from their horizontal panels that are usually stitched by hand. When lowered or raised, the window treatments create a waterfall effect and rippled look. The house will get some level of sophistication when cascading shades are installed. You can install these treatments in living rooms, bedroom studies and other areas of the house where you like unwinding. To understand more about window treatment, check out


Finally, you can also install flat Roman shades. The shades are clean, elegant and go well with a wide range of designs. The simplicity of the shades gives any room a modern look.